Solar Window Shades
Can Keep You Cool

Solar window shades are the exception to the rule in solar power:

Instead of harnessing the power of the sun, solar shades are primarily designed to keep the sun out.

Keep the sun out? That’s madness, you say!

It makes more sense when you realize that the glorious warmth of the sun is much more welcome in your home in January than it is in July (if you live in the southern hemisphere: strike that, reverse it).

Solar shades to keep heat out are a stylish option for keeping your home cooler in the summer.

They are made from a solar screen material that blocks out the sun’s heat without obstructing your view of the outside world.

Unlike solar window screens, solar shades are mounted on the inside of your windows like regular blinds or solar curtains. This makes for a simplified installation process.

You can choose how much visibility you want to maintain by choosing between different levels of solar shade “openness”.

The higher the “openness” level, the more clearly you can see outside.

What can solar window shades do for you?:

  • Block 80% of unwanted heat gain
  • Reduce glare (making it easier to see a computer or tv)
  • Eliminate virtually all UV rays
  • Save your furniture and floor from fading
  • Give you privacy without blocking your outside view
solar window shades

And don’t think that these shades are all about keeping the sun OUT. They also keep the sun’s warmth IN during the winter months by increasing the insulating value of your windows by 24%.

They keep the heat out all summer and keep the heat in all winter? Yes!

Also, installation is easy for most models so you can keep your costs down by putting them in yourself.