Home Solar Power:
What Can Solar Energy
Do For You?

Do you want to know what the amazing thing about home solar power is?

It’s just like plugging into a giant, free, non-polluting power plant that is going to be producing power whether we use it or not.

When you look at it that way it’s natural to start thinking about how you can start to put self sufficient solar power to work.

Of course the actual energy from the sun may be free, but solar power cost is still something you need to think about.

If you’re not ready to spend thousands of dollars on home solar panels there are still plenty of solar options available to you.

Although residential solar panels get a lot of the media attention and government incentives, we’re going to show you that they are just the beginning.

There are also many ways that you can use passive solar energy to power your self sufficient home.

With the range of possibilities available and with solar panel prices coming down, chances are you’ll find at least one way to put the sun to work for you.

So let’s take a look at some of the amazing solar options at your fingertips.

The big ticket options for solar power at home are:

solar power home new

The “entry level” options for home solar power in your self sufficient house include:

Cutting back on your electricity with a solar oven

Creating water out of thin air with an atmospheric water generator

Reducing power consumption with a solar refrigerator

Installing solar tubes or a solar attic fan

Cutting back on air conditioning with solar window shades , solar window screens , or solar curtains

Using solar power outdoors for lights and fountains and bird baths

Hosting your own website with green web hosting

Electrifying your fence with a solar fence charger

Using home solar power can save you money but it can also teach you some pretty cool tricks (like solar cooking) to impress your friends. More importantly, it gives you first hand experience in making your home self sufficient with the amazing power of the sun.

home solar panel that turns your electric meter backwards might just get you fascinated with solar power and how it can be put to use. Before too long you might turn into another solar power crusader, determined to spread the good word to your friends and neighbors.

That’s the great thing about getting started with putting solar energy to use: No matter how humble your beginnings might be, you never know where it will lead you. These are exciting times to be involved with renewable energy in general and solar power in particular, so get started and let us know how it goes.

We wish you luck!