About Us: Info On
Solar Power Beginner
And Our Mission

Looking for simple info on solar power? Welcome to Solar Power Beginner.

If you’re visiting this site I would guess that we share an interest in solar energy.

I first became interested in the power of the sun years ago when I learned about off-grid homes and how they could produce all the power they needed with solar electric panels.

The idea that a person could break free from the electrical grid by harnessing the light of the sun made solar power seem less “space age” and a lot more practical.

From that starting point I began researching solar power and quickly got hooked. I read every solar power book and magazine I could get my hands on and learned about the history of solar power and the state of the industry today.

I also began attending solar workshops and listening to what the experts had to say about photovoltaic technology and solar thermal applications like solar hot water.

All this info on solar power convinced me that solar energy really is a viable alternative energy source for everyday use. Not next year or in 2025, but right now! I was so impressed with the potential of solar power that I decided to make a career of it. I took training in photovoltaic design and installation and continued to learn everything I could.

I also decided to start this website to “spread the solar word” to others who are interested in solar power. People from around the world visit this site everyday to get simple information on what the power of the sun can do for them.

In addition to the free information available on the Solar Power Beginner website, we will soon be offering e-books and online courses for those who want to take their solar knowledge to the next level or pursue a career in the solar industry.

Despite the challenges that solar power faces in becoming a “mainstream” energy source, the potential benefits of widespread solar adoption are too great to ignore. We have access to an almost inexhaustible energy source that will go on producing power for as long as our solar system lasts.

This is an opportunity that humanity can’t afford to pass up. Hopefully this website provides you with all the info on solar power you need to start taking advantage of the clean, free energy that the sun provides.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to get in touch.