Simple Safety With A
Solar Security Light

I can understand if you’re skeptical about the idea of a solar security light.

After all, solar lights aren’t exactly known for their blinding brightness.

Skepticism aside, there are two main reasons that a solar security light gets the job done:

– Since they only operate in short bursts they can shine much brighter than a solar light that is on all night.

– They are usually not self-contained, meaning the solar panel is not built into the light. This allows for a more powerful panel.

What are the advantages of a solar motion light?

The main advantage is that you won’t have to worry about wiring.

This will be especially helpful if you want to light an area far from your house like a shed or the back of your yard.

Another advantage is that you won’t have to worry about any increase on your utility bill since the sun is taking care of your energy needs.

Also, the light will still work during a blackout which may be a nice time to have some light.

If you need a unit with two security lights that can point in different directions, check out the Duo Security Solar Spot Light.

Depending on the model, solar motion lights can activate from 150 to over 500 times on a fully charged battery which should be enough for anyone’s needs (unless you live in a really bad neighborhood or have a serious raccoon problem).

solar security light 2

A good unit will probably cost you in the $80-$130 range. You can get cheaper ones but they may not have the brightness you need.

Also, the cheaper models may have a built-in solar panel instead of one connected by 10′-15′ of wire. This could limit your placement options for the light.

If you’re in need of some solar security, check out the Solar Power Security Motion Detector Outdoor Light.