Solar Roof Tiles:
A New Solar Solution

Solar roof tiles are a great idea if you don’t like the look of solar panels.

I happen to like the way solar panels look but many people who want to take advantage of solar power don’t want their roof taken over by bulky panels.

They say ‘Gee solar power seems like a great idea. If only there was some way to go solar without those atrocious panels’.

Well now all those style-conscious solar power fanatics are in luck thanks to solar roof tiles.

These solar tiles are an example of BIPV or Building Integrated Photovoltaics.

BIPV refers to the integration of photovoltaic systems into building materials. It allows building materials to kill two birds with one stone (providing shelter and producing electricity).

Solar roof tiles are also often referred to as solar shingles.

Solar tiles are a relatively new solar product compared to traditional solar panels. Since these tiles haven’t been around for long, their long term power output is unproven.

Tiles do represent a growing segment of the solar market, however, and many solar companies are developing their own version of this sleek solar solution.

Let’s take a look at some of these offerings, shall we?

– Sole Power Tiles This solar tile from SRS Energy is a great solution for anyone with a Mission tile roof. Each Sole Tile is embedded with Uni-Solar thin film solar technology and the electrical output of each installation is remotely monitored by SRS Energy and US Tile. Also, to provide a little peace of mind with this new technology, SRS Energy offers a twenty year warranty on their Sole Power Tiles. A word of warning: These solar tiles don’t exactly match the look of a regular tile roof. Their blue color ensures that they stand out from the surrounding tile even though they have the same shape.

solar roof tile

– Sunslates These ‘solar electric roofing tiles’ were developed by Atlantis Energy. A typical installation consists of 216 Sunslates and takes up about 300 square feet. Unlike Sole Power Tiles, Sunslates are a flat tile not specifically designed for a Mission tile roof. They are also available in two different sizes and are covered by a twenty year warranty.

– SunTile These solar tiles are produced by PowerLight (which is owned by SunPower). These tiles have the advantage of featuring the most efficient solar technology available on the market.

These are a few of the varieties of solar roof tile you can check out if you want to go solar without the solar panels. Also, keep an eye out for new developments in the field as more companies than ever develop their own spin on the solar power roof.