A Solar Landscape Light
Makes Your House Look Good

What does a solar landscape light have to do with show business?

Well, a friend of mine is a lighting designer in the music business and watching him work really gave me an appreciation of what a difference lighting can make.

I realized that some shows always looked a lot better than others and I came to understand that lighting was a huge part of that.

Fast-forward to me taking an evening walk around my neighborhood…

I notice certain houses look much better than others even though the houses themselves were quite similar.


That’s right, lighting!

Some people added simple lighting touches to create whatever effect they were after. Certain lighting could make a house look stately or cozy, inviting or imposing, dreamy or neat.

So, to make a long story just a little bit longer: Show business is largely about presentation, and a solar landscape light can help you present your house as your own personal work of art.

And you were wondering where I was going with this!

As for why you should go solar with your landscape lighting needs, there are a few good reasons:

solar landscape light

1 – No Wiring or Electricians Necessary – Having to dig up your yard to lay wiring is time consuming and disruptive. A solar light gets its power from the sun so you don’t have to wire it back to your house.

2 – No Increase in Your Electric Bill – Who needs bigger bills? With a solar landscape light you can light your yard and home all night long and never worry about what it’s costing you.

3 – You’re “Going Green” – Doesn’t it make you feel warm and fuzzy?

There is also an incredible variety of solar outdoor lights now available and you’re sure to find something that meets your style and budget.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Solar torch lights for a pool or patio
  • Accent lights along a walkway
  • Solar Brick lights in a driveway or path
  • Floating lights for a pool or pond
  • Planter lights for flowers
  • Lighting a bush or tree for dramatic effect

Try a little experimenting and never let them see you sweat.

After all, this is show business.