A Solar Lamp Post
Adds The Perfect
Solar Glow

A solar lamp post is solar lighting with a classy touch.

It looks just like a traditional lamp post you put near your walkway or at the end of your driveway but it “runs on the sun”.

There are different styles of solar power lamp post available and their heights vary from 4′ to over 11′ tall.

Most of these lamps require some sort of fastening to the ground but there are also models with a weighted base that are portable. This could come in handy if you sometimes want additional light near a deck or pool.

These lamps differ from solar water fountains since most have their solar panels built in. This means you don’t have to worry about finding a spot on the ground for a separate panel.

The main benefit of going solar with your lamp post is not having to run any wiring. This is especially nice if you would like to put some lights near the end of your driveway.

You could get a very nice solar light for what your electrician’s bill would be to put in wiring for a standard light.

Add to this the fact that you won’t be spending any money on electricity and going with a solar powered lamp post starts to look like a great option for your lighting needs.

Need some ideas?

Check out the Black Finish Solar LED 42″ High Lamp Post or the Black Finish Solar LED Double Lamp Post.

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