A Solar Flood Light:
Get Bright With
A Solar Light

Many people think a solar flood light is a pretty ridiculous idea.

When they think of solar lights they think of a lantern with firefly-like brightness being held by a garden gnome.

Well things have changed baby, and now there are solar lights that will blind you with their brilliance.

Thanks to highly efficient solar panels and multiple LEDs you will no longer have any trouble using solar power to show off a sign or flag or light up part of your home.

A solar powered flood light kit usually consists of:

  • A solar panel
  • A light fixture with battery
  • Wire from panel to light
  • Mounting hardware or a stake for ground mounting

The solar panel provides anywhere from 4 to 12 Watts of power and is either a “thin-film” model or a traditional crystalline solar panel.

The light is actually a collection of multiple highly-efficient LEDs (light-emitting diodes). A flood light with sufficient brightness will have anywhere from 36 to 108 LEDs.

The wire attaching the solar panel to the lighting unit can be anywhere from 6′ to 24′. Just make sure you have enough wire length to put the solar panel in a good south-facing position.

A solar flood light is a little more expensive than a typical solar yard light because of the larger solar panel and battery power required. Something in the $200 to $400 dollar range should have sufficient brightness and durability.

If you only require a motion-activated solar light and not constant lighting, check out our page on solar security lights. These are available in much lower price ranges.

solar flood light

Also, remember that you will be saving quite a bit of money right away because you will not need to hire an electrician or run wiring. You will continue to save money over the years as the sun provides your power and keeps your electric bills from increasing.

Great places for a solar powered flood light include:

  • Garage
  • Carport
  • Vacation Home
  • Cabin
  • Boat
  • Dock
  • Playground

Just use your imagination and you’ll probably realize you have a great spot to add a little solar powered lighting.