Solar Energy

Once the solar energy bug bites, you may really start to itch.

You may start itching to put your money down on a top of the line solar power system that will free you from the electrical grid forever.

That sounds awesome!

Oh, wait, first why don’t we look at some solar energy advantages disadvantages and things to consider.

We’ll start off with the bright side and take a look at all of the great things that solar power has to offer.

Solar Energy Advantages:

  • The Sun Doesn’t Pollute – We are more aware than ever of the effects of pollution on the planet we are leaving for our children. Solar power offers a form of energy that does not leave the planet any worse for wear.
  • Solar Energy Is Renewable – Many other forms of energy are getting scarce or difficult to access. The sun keeps shining and it won’t run out (at least for a long, long time)
solar power home new
  • It’s A Gift That Keeps On Giving – Solar panels can last twenty five years or more with no need for any significant maintenance. Doesn’t this sound a lot better than paying for electricity every month with no control over the inevitable price increases?
  • Use It Anywhere The Sun Shines – You can take advantage of many portable solar power options when you’re on the go.
  • Low Maintenance Costs – Only periodic inspection and occasional maintenance is required for solar panels. This means low operating costs for your solar installation.
  • Peace And Quiet – Photovoltaic panels are silent (unlike a gas powered generator!). This means that solar panels shouldn’t disturb your neighbors, even if you fire up a solar power generator at the cottage.
  • Independence From Utility Companies – Some people are tired of dealing with their utility company and are looking to break free. Solar power offers an opportunity for freedom from the grid.
  • Modularity – You can always add to a solar power system. This means you can start small and see how things go. If your solar installation is everything you hoped it would be, just add more panels and harness more of that clean solar energy.
  • Increased Home Value – According to the Department of Energy, if you install solar panels on your home it will sell up to two times faster than a home without green options.

Solar Energy Disadvantages:

  • Initial Cost – Solar power systems (especially solar electric) can be expensive. The prices are coming down, however, and doing it yourself can limit costs
  • The Sun Doesn’t Shine At Night – This is a disadvantage to solar power but with a grid-tied system you will never be without power. You can use the grid as a battery that stores all the solar power your system produces in the day time.
  • Battery Issues – Storing electricity in batteries can increase a solar power system’s size, complexity, and cost. Fortunately, if you go with a grid-tied system you won’t have to worry about solar batteries.
  • Weather Issues – Solar power is dependent on sunshine. If your location has too many cloudy days your power output will be reduced.

So now you know a little about solar energy advantages disadvantages and what you need to consider. Are you ready to put that money down on the biggest solar power system you can find?