Are Free Solar Panels
The Best Way For You
To Go Solar?

The quest for free solar panels has captivated many solar enthusiasts.

After all, many people who would like to take advantage of solar energy are held back by the high price of solar panels.

Consider this: The up-front cost of solar panels is the most common obstacle keeping people from going solar. This shouldn’t be a big surprise since a large solar electric system can require an investment of tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s a hefty amount of money and many people just don’t have that kind of cash sitting around in a shoebox. Even people who do have that kind of money might wonder if solar electric panels are the best available investment.

They might decide to look elsewhere for a better payback.

So what is someone to do if they would like to use clean, renewable energy but they don’t want to spend big money? Should they just wait until solar panels are available at the dollar store next to the dog toys and cheese puffs?

Well, that’s one idea.

Fortunately, there is a better way to bring free solar panels to your rooftop. One that doesn’t involve the dollar store.

And it gets better.

Not only can you get a top of the line solar power system installed for free, but you can actually get paid for the privilege. Solar companies are now able to take advantage of government incentives like rebates and feed in tariffs that allow them to install a complete solar panel system on your roof at no cost to you.

The solar company owns and maintains the system and you take advantage of the sun-powered electricity in a variety of ways (depending on how the deal is structured).

free solar panels

Let’s take a look at SolarCity and Pure Energies, two companies that have been featured previously on Solar Power Beginner.

SolarCity has something called the SolarLease program. This program allows customers to lease a solar electric system with no upfront cost.

The bonus here is the fact that your monthly lease payment can be less than the amount you save on your electric bill. In other words: You start saving money from day one.

Since SolarCity is responsible for any necessary repairs and maintenance, your SolarLease is virtually risk-free. At the end of the lease term, you can decide whether you would like to extend your lease or have the solar panels removed free of charge.

As of July 2012, SolarCity serves fourteen states including Arizona, California, New York, and Texas with expansion to new areas expected in the coming months.

Pure Energies is an Ontario solar company that makes your free solar deal even sweeter. You don’t just get free solar panels on your roof, you actually get paid for having them there.

Pure Energies has found a way to bring solar power to the mainstream by taking advantage of Ontario’s new FIT program (FIT stands for “feed in tariff”).

By dealing in larger volumes, the company can install solar power systems on residential homes and pay the homeowner for the power that the panels produce.

You can make up to $1200 a year while also being able to show your friends and neighbors how environmentally friendly you are.

Yes, free solar power is truly a win-win situation.