Solar Power:
What Can The Power Of
The Sun Do For You?

More people than ever are making solar power a part of their lives.

Solar energy can:

  • Create electricity
  • Heat water
  • Charge your iPod
  • Cook food
  • Light the garden
  • And a lot more

You’ve probably heard some amazing claims about the power of the sun but wondered how practical solar power really is. You might think that these ‘solar dreams’ are just wishful thinking or a new way to separate you from your money.

This site has a simple mission: To give you straightforward information on solar energy and what it can do for you. So whether you’re thinking of using the sun’s power to recharge your ipod at the cottage or provide electricity to your off-grid home, this is a great place to start.

Here are a few things this site will cover:

  • The painless version of how solar panels produce electricity
  • The pros and cons of different solar panel brands
  • Whether a solar water heater can save you money
  • How you can use solar power in your RV
  • How you can save money by cooking with a solar oven
  • And a lot more!

Check out the navigation bar on the left of this page or take a look at our sitemap to see what the sun can do for you.

If you’re still wondering why you should get started with solar energy, here’s a top five list that might help you out:

  1. The sun provides a source of sustainable energy that will not leave the planet any worse for wear
  2. Solar energy provides an opportunity for you to make an energy choice you can feel good about
  3. Solar power makes financial sense while also benefiting the environment
  4. Every new solar installation brings solar energy one step closer to gaining mainstream acceptance
  5. Doesn’t it seem like common sense to harness a free and inexhaustible energy supply that will be around for millions of years?

Here’s a summary of this website’s various sections and the information you can expect to find in each:

Solar Panels:

  • This section discusses the history of solar panels and the benefits that these panels offer. It also provides resources on solar panel efficiency, cost, rebates, and more.

How Solar Power Works:

  • This section explains the difference between solar thermal and solar electric panels and how they work. It also looks at some basic facts and where to find the latest news on solar energy.

Home Solar:

  • This section takes a look at the many ways that you can use solar power at home. It includes introductory and big ticket applications.

Solar Panel Sizes:

  • This section provides a look at the different solar panel sizes available and what each panel is capable of powering. It also includes information on rating systems and what they mean.

Solar Installers:

  • Find out what you should look for in a solar installer and take a look at some of the companies available for your solar installation.

Solar Homes:

  • Take a look at various “real life” examples of people who have installed solar panels on their home.

Solar Thermal:

  • This section discusses solar thermal applications like solar hot water heating and solar swimming pool covers.

Portable Solar:

  • Find out how you can take the power of the sun with you. Includes RV and boat power, generators, battery chargers, and a lot more.

Solar Lights:

  • Features information on an amazing variety of sun-powered lighting including shed and security lights, yard and deck lights, and LED streetlights.

Solar Companies:

  • Learn more about the solar panels being offered by various companies and which panels are the best choice for your installation.

Solar Interviews:

  • This section features interviews with various solar experts. Get information from the people who have first-hand experience in harnessing the power of the sun.

About Us:

  • Find out more about Solar Power Beginner and what the company is trying to accomplish.