How About The SunPower E19 Series?

by Gregory

Best Panels Around?

Best Panels Around?

Although I have not been able to "go solar" just yet, I have been researching solar panels so I will know which ones to install on my roof when the time comes. So far the SunPower E19 Series has my vote for the best solar panel on the market.

I must admit that one thing I really like about these panels is that appearance. They are very dark and would blend in with my roof very nicely. The dark appearance is due to the larger solar cells that are used and the anti-reflective coating on the panels.

Of course, there is more to these panels than just the way they look. SunPower panels are also incredibly efficient. Apparently the E19 series offers 19.5% efficiency which is great if you have limited roof space like I do.

The third reason that I say these SunPower panels are best is that you are able to buy a 318 Watt version. This high-powered panel would cut down on the number of panels necessary and I think that would also improve the appearance of my solar installation.

I will keep researching, but at this point the SunPower E19 Series is ahead of the pack!

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May 01, 2015
Great article
by: Kevin

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Oct 02, 2010
Very Nice
by: Solar Bill

I hadn't seen the E19 Series yet, but I'm thinking of SunPower solar panels also. Thanks for the information!

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