Issue Number 24 - November 2011

Greetings Solar Power Beginner Nation,

Hope you're recovering from that bag of bite-size chocolate bars you ate yesterday.

Ahhhh, Halloween.

Unfortunately, ghosts and goblins weren't the only things that were frightening people this Halloween. Solar incentives are being slashed by governments all around the world. This is scaring the pants off of many homeowners and solar installers.

Germany announced a 15% reduction in solar feed in tariffs.

The United Kingdom has proposed cutting its feed in tariff level by more than 50%.

And the Ontario government has announced that it will likely lower the amount it pays for green power.

As spooky as all of these announcements sound, it's important to remember an important fact:

Solar incentives are designed to be reduced over time.

The idea is that a higher incentive is offered initially to offset the high cost of a solar installation. As more people buy into the technology, however, costs come down due to economies of scale. This allows the incentive to be reduced.

So, when we hear about solar incentives being reduced around the world it's not as bad as it sounds. It usually means that things are going according to plan.

If tariffs are reduced recklessly, however, it can have a very negative effect on the solar industry. Homeowners and installers can be caught off guard and become bitter about being left out in the cold.

The key is for governments to follow through with their initial plan and not surprise people with incentive reductions from out of the blue. Government transparency will provide the stability necessary for solar power to continue to grow.

If you agree with this sentiment, make sure you stand up for solar when you get the chance.

And now on to the solar news:

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Tyson Champagne, Founder

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