Issue Number 22 - September 2011

Greetings Solar Power Beginner Nation,

I hope you're all enjoying the last of summer before those crisp autumn days begin. August was our best month ever at Solar Power Beginner and we're hoping to keep things rolling into September.

On that note, I'd like to announce that we have released a version of the Solar Power Beginner website optimized for smartphones. Whether you have an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android device, or Windows phone, your visit to Solar Power Beginner should be customized for your smartphone. Please get in touch if you're having any issues.

I mentioned in last month's newsletter that we were about to launch a new project called "All Together Solar" that will organize neighborhoods for group buying of solar power. I am happy to announce that the project is now "live" and you can watch a short video about it here.

Thanks for your support, and now on to the solar news:

Extra! Extra! Get your solar powered iPad cover (Apple approved).

On the bad news front: "Solar Tube" company Solyndra has filed for bankruptcy (and taxpayers might be taking the fall). Check out the Solar Power Beginner page on Solyndra here.

And watch for solar power golf carts at a course near you.

Also, check out our new page on Roll Up Solar Panels and take a glimpse at the flexible future of solar power.

And remember, if you're having trouble finding information on Solar Power Beginner, check out our search feature on the right side of each page. It will help you find everything from solar power news to solar window screens.

Also, please 'Like Us' on facebook so you can spread the word and help SPB Nation to grow.

Best of luck and remember... SPB Nation needs you now more than ever.

Viva la solar revolucion!

You can reach me through our Contact Form if you've got any comments or suggestions.

Good luck in all your solar endeavors!


Tyson Champagne, Founder

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