Issue Number 18 - April 2011

Greetings Solar Power Beginner Nation!

Happy April Fool's Day to all of you out there in SPB Nation. I know that you're all too bright to get taken in by any Aprilfoolery shenanigans, but keep your wits about you just the same.

My wife and I attempted a prank by trying to convince our daughter that a rogue bat had made its way into our house at 5:30 this morning. All we heard from her room was "Are you trying to April Fool's me?". Zero percent success!

Anyway, it's April and Spring is here (technically), even if we've still been hovering around zero degrees Celsius up in Ontario, Canada. The days are getting longer and there's more sunlight available to power solar panels. That's good news. The other good news is that more people than ever are interested in learning about how they can incorporate the power of the sun into their lives.

I see this increased interest in solar power first hand as the webmaster for Solar Power Beginner. In March we had our best month ever, with more people visiting the site than ever before. Welcome!

We are always working on new ways to make sure that people are able to take their first steps toward solar energy know-how without getting bewildered and disillusioned.

On that note, this month we've added a page on solar training. Check it out if you've ever considered a career in the solar industry. You'll learn more about the training options available to you.

Also, if you have attended any sort of solar training, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tell us your story. Let us know if it was a fantastic course or the worst experience you've ever had (or somewhere in between). If you let others know about your experience, hopefully they'll be able to avoid wasting their time on "sub-par solar schools".

Here are a few of the solar stories that have been making the rounds in the past few weeks:

And remember, if you're having trouble finding information on Solar Power Beginner, check out our search feature on the right side of each page. It will help you find everything from free solar panels to a Solar Pathfinder.

Also, please 'Like Us' on facebook so you can spread the word and help SPB Nation to grow.

Best of luck and remember... SPB Nation needs you now more than ever.

Viva la solar revolucion!

You can reach me through our Contact Form if you've got any comments or suggestions.

Good luck in all your solar endeavors!


Tyson Champagne, Founder

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