Issue Number 9 - June 2010

Well, we're officially into the summer now.

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  • How 1000 Solar Rooftops Gave Me 1000 Solar Ideas


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Hi Everybody,

I haven't put as much time into Solar Power Beginner as I would have liked in the past month.

That's not necessarily a bad thing, though, because I have been putting that time into some other exciting solar projects...

I told you last month about how I had taken on the job of 'Challenge Coordinator' for my hometown's 1000 Solar Rooftop Challenge.

The job has been a challenge in itself but also very rewarding.

The goal of the Challenge is to make my hometown of Kingston, Ontario the first city of its size to install 1000 solar energy systems.

We had the launch event for the program this past Tuesday and there was a great turnout. You can check out some local news coverage of the event here:

I was interested in the 1000 Solar Rooftops Challenge because it seeks to win over people who normally wouldn't think too much about environmental issues or renewable energy. In other words, it's not about preaching to the converted.

The idea fits with Solar Power Beginner's mission of making solar power more understandable and accessible to the masses. We want to help solar power go mainstream.

As I worked to organize the launch event and website for the Challenge I got thinking of some of the ways that we could reach people and make solar power more real to them. I noticed that one idea would spin into another and that would then lead to a new idea altogether.

This was how 1000 Solar Rooftops gave me 1000 solar ideas.

I came to the conclusion that there is no shortage of great ways to promote solar power and that we really can attain the long held dream of a solar energy revolution.

We just need a few more people putting their minds to the task (and following that up with a little leg work).

I'll keep you posted on the solar rooftops and please keep me up to date on any steps you are taking to spread the solar word.

Let's finish up with a look at a new page we've added to Solar Power Beginner this month:

  • Check out PowerFilm Solar. This company specializes in foldable, rollable, portable, powerful, solar power.

You can reach me through our Contact Form if you've got any comments or suggestions.

Good luck in all your solar endeavors!


T. Champagne

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